Who’s behind this

BACP was started in 2014 by Benjamin Alexander Chua and a group of ten other individuals. Today, it has transformed to CHL where the enhanced master concept continues to be shared and advocated.

As an advocate of the 6Cs, Benjamin also actively pursues the 6Cs. Here are some of his past involvement and work:


Benjamin completed coaching training under CTI, a leading institution that helps create ICF, the certifying organisation for coaches worldwide. He is also an Outward Bound Instructor since 2017 and has led more than 300 youths in outdoor leadership and character-building course. With a longstanding record in the public service, Benjamin deeply believes in the ethos of Singapore Public Service.


Benjamin is certified in ACTA, which is the de facto certification in Singapore for facilitation and workshop. In fact, any trainer must possess this certification endorsed by the Singapore government to carry out training. Benjamin has also won various awards for communication and presentation. For example, he won the “Most Impressive Opening award” by IET under the Present around the World competition. He is also one of the top four finalists for the ASEAN social journalism contest in Singapore.


Benjamin had a short stint in one of the top law firms in Singapore. He also took LNAT, a law entry test used by universities such as Oxford and was subsequently offered to study a law degree by one of the three law schools in Singapore.


Benjamin graduated from one of the top university in the world (NTU) with a Bachelor of Engineering (Computing). He specialises in Cybersecurity and has certifications from ISC2, one of the most established cybersecurity authority in the world.


Growing up in a volatile neighbourhood, Benjamin saw first-hand how it is important to compose oneself in an adverse situation. Benjamin is a silver medallist in the 6th All Style Martial Arts competition and have managed several incidents throughout his life where it involves risk and safety.


Benjamin stated several social initiatives such as Donate Not Cremate, an initiative that promotes whole-body donation under MTERA. The other is REpeated, which upcycle used dialysate bags into functional tote bags. He gives back in others ways, such as responding to cardiac arrest cases via the SCDF Responder App and is a member of the Citizens on Patrol.