The Story of Alpha

This is a story of Alpha the light bulb.

Alpha always wanted to be the brightest in the class. But somehow, Alpha doesn’t shine.

Through self-exploration, Alpha realised that it is because his filament is of the wrong material! And so he changed what’s inside him and begin to glow.

That’s our first C – Character. Without knowing our innate nature, characteristics and strengths, it is hard for us to shine.

Still, Alpha did not shine as bright. It turns out that despite that he was glowing within, the light doesn’t seem to penetrate the bulb! Alpha decides to go for some polishing. He removes the dirt that has been covering the glass. Now he shines much brighter!

This is the second C – Communication. Without externalising what we have within, no one knows what’s within us.

As Alpha shines bright in the class, there was a sudden inspection. Being the brightest, he naturally attracted all the attention. Thankfully, Alpha has this small little sticker that says “SAFETY MARK”. He is an approved electrical appliance. And those without this little sticker was brought away…

This is the third C – Compliance. Without compliance, there is no sustainability.

Now, Alpha wants to not only be the brightest in his class, but he wants to shed some light in another place as well. But he can only be physically in one place! So he set up some mirrors to channel his light to another room. What innovation!

This is our fourth C – Catalyst. Without technology as leverage, we can only achieve so much.

Being now rather successful, Alpha attracted the jealousy of others. Because they cannot outshine Alpha, a group of malicious lightbulbs ganged up and threw him to the ground. Thankfully, Alpha is actually made of reinforced glass. While he was thrown up in the air, he landed on some of them instead. And they broke.

This is our fifth C – Composure. We must always be prepared for the day others do not play nice and be composed under an adverse situation.

Today, Alpha is accomplished. And he wants to give back by helping other light bulbs become like him.

This is our final C – Compassion. We cannot change the world by our effort alone. By inspiring others and giving back, we close the circle and set off a spiral.

Keep glowing!