Our Logo

Unraveling the Symbolism of Our Logo

Every element of our logo has been meticulously crafted to represent our organization’s values, mission, and essence.

  1. Three Alphabets: The foundation of our logo is composed of the three key alphabets that form our organization’s name. These letters are harmoniously intertwined to depict an individual engrossed in diligent work.
  2. Resemblance to “Work”: Ingeniously, the table design in our logo not only serves as a platform for the working figure but also mirrors the Chinese character for “work,” showcasing our respect for tradition and the importance of work ethics.
  3. Inspiration through Light: The inclusion of six yellow strips converges to evoke the imagery of a light bulb – a universal symbol for innovation, idea generation, and inspiration.
  4. The Significance of Number 6: These six strips aren’t merely for aesthetics; they stand for the six integral pillars that guide our operations: Character, Communication, Compliance, Catalyst, Composure, and Compassion.

In essence, our logo is more than just a visual representation. It’s a reflection of our dedication to empowering individuals through continuous learning, ethical grounding, and the spirit of “Keep Glowing.” Every time you see it, let it be a reminder of our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and community.