Without knowing about basic law and compliance matters, regardless of which trade or profession we are in, it is hard for us to safeguard our interests or progress forward.

For example, if you are an executive and you are tasked to create a presentation slide. Seeing an interesting image online, you decided to use it, thinking that it is okay so long you credit the source. Your client took a picture of your presentation, and it became viral. Finally, the original author sends you a cease and desist letter and to claim compensation. Wouldn’t that be a nightmare?

How about someone working as a food delivery person? Say one day, you are riding on the road, and a driver cuts you off rudely. In a moment of anger, you show a rude gesture to him. This, unfortunately, was captured on camera. You thought nothing more about the incident but months later, receive a letter. The driver has filed a civil case against you under the POHA.

Our approach towards compliance depends on the audience. For example, we will focus more on criminal law and the penal code for youth at risk. For an executive, it may be business law and intellectual property.