Once we have settled the character portion, it is now time to externalise who we are and what we can do for the world. There are so many brilliant minds, especially those with a technical background, who stumble at this part. Communication allows us to share with the world what we are good at to do good. Without externalising this information and skills, no one will notice, and no one will know that you can actually do so much more.

We achieve this is through a generic approach, as well as a targetted approach.

The generic approach involves general training and sharing information and tips, like what we are doing on this website. It can also involve conducting workshops and training.

The targeted approach involves specifically working on key areas lacking in an individual. For example, an individual who needs to do a presentation on a Final Year Project is first being observed on how they conduct the presentation, then given actual tips on how to better it. It can also involve working on one’s CV or personal website since these also communicates to the world who we are.