Character Development

Under Character Development, there are two aspects. One is the character of an individual. The other is the characteristic.

How do we shape our character and gain a deeper understanding of our characteristics?

At CHL, we do this through two channels. The first is through coaching. Coaching allows us to reflect on ourselves, facilitated by someone else. It is not mentoring, where one gives advice and suggestion on what to and what not to do. In coaching, what a coach does is facilitate the discovery of answers and understanding of oneself.

The other tool we employ is outdoor education. Outdoor education allows us to get messages from mother nature without having to say much. You can be out on an expedition, walking in the forest, and realise something about yourself. Or it can help shape your character through the expedition in terms of resilience, patience, etc.

Using these two tools, we seek to shape individuals to be better in terms of character and know themselves better, therefore, becoming more empowered and actualised.