Apprenticeship Opportunity – Join Our Journey in Mastery of the 6Cs

We are excited to announce a unique opportunity for a select number of individuals to join us as apprentices.

Criteria & Commitment:

  • Duration: A minimum commitment of one year.
  • Frequency: One day per week, typically held on weekends.
  • Age Requirement: 15 years and above. For individuals below 18, parental or guardian’s approval is mandatory.
  • Cost: There’s no monetary fee for the apprenticeship. However, upon successful completion, apprentices are expected to give back to the community by contributing 1.5 times the hours invested in them.


  • Hands-on experience and immersive learning under the guidance of our dedicated mentors.
  • A certificate of completion that stands as a testament to your commitment and skills acquired during the apprenticeship.

Application Process:
If you’re passionate about embracing and embodying the 6Cs – Character, Communication, Compliance, Catalyst, Composure, and Community – we’d love to hear from you.

To apply, please contact us providing a brief introduction about yourself and a statement expressing why you are interested in this apprenticeship program.

We invite you to take this step towards self-improvement and community contribution. Let’s “Keep Glowing” together!