Keep Glowing

Over the years, it has been observed that many individuals do not perform up to their full potential, and this is often attributed to a deficiency in one or more of the six pillars of CHL. For example, a student who possesses exceptional technical skills but is struggling academically might be lacking effective Communication skills. Similarly, a highly educated individual who finds themselves in legal trouble could be exhibiting a shortfall in the area of Compliance with ethical and legal standards.

Today, we remain dedicated to sharing and promoting the 6Cs framework – Character, Communication, Compliance, Catalyst, Composure, and Community. We firmly believe that an individual can only truly excel when they have mastered each of these six essential components. In doing so, they can harness their full potential and become well-rounded, ethically grounded, and highly effective individuals in any endeavour they pursue.

The foundational idea for CHL was first conceived in 2014 with the establishment of BACP, a social enterprise accredited by raiSE and operating in Singapore. CHL is guided by its six core pillars – Character, Communication, Compliance, Catalyst, Composure, and Community. These pillars serve as the foundation for CHL’s approach, emphasising the development of character and competence, balance between community and economical needs.

Our motto, “Keep Glowing,” captures the essence of our commitment to an ongoing journey of personal growth and empowerment through the pursuit of the 6Cs. It represents a continuous aspiration to shine brighter, both personally and collectively, by fostering and nurturing these essential pillars of holistic development. As individuals embrace and embody these core principles, they become beacons of inspiration, empowerment, and positive change, radiating their inner glow and lighting the way for others to follow. In this way, our motto serves as both a call to action and a beacon of hope, reminding us all to keep striving for excellence, keep growing, and most importantly, keep glowing.

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