Keep Glowing

Over the years, we have seen individuals performing below their potential and this is usually attributed to one of the six pillars. For instance, when you see a technically inclined student not doing well in school, it may be because of a lack in Communication skills. Or when you see a highly educated individual later getting into trouble with the law, it might be due to a lack in Compliance.

Today, we continue to share this concept of the 6Cs. It is believed that an individual will only be effective if all of the 6Cs are mastered.

The original concept of CHL was developed in 2014 when BACP, a raiSE accredited social enterprise based in Singapore was founded. CHL attempts to bridge the gap between ethics and education, through her 6 pillars – Character, Communication, Compliance, Catalyst, Composure, Community.

Our motto – Keep Glowing

This illustrates a never-ending journey in pursuit of the 6Cs to be an individual who is inspired and empowered.

Let’s Connect.

Everyone you will ever meet, knows something that you don’t.

Bill Nye